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When horses run they call the wind and make it dance around them.
Horses are one of the most telepathic animals alive -- acutely attuned to their environment and everything within it.​
Horses teach us how to move forward into new directions.
They remind us of our freedom, our power and our need to play.
RUN, DANCE, PLAY – let your soul be free.
- Ted Andrews

Working with horses adds a unique and necessary component to our program. As prey animals, horses are keenly aware of their surroundings and they are constantly living in the moment in order to feel safe - in other words, their fight-or-flight response system is always on. This leaves them to be acutely honest in their responses and interactions with clients. Through building a relationship with horses, our clients gain insight into their own verbal and nonverbal behaviors, as well as behavioral and relationship patterns. This allows a client to take full responsibility for the kind of relationship(s) they build, not only with their horse, but in their life as a whole.   


By incorporating knowledge of the science and structure of the brain, relationship with the horses, and interventions from evidence-based trauma-informed therapies, the team provides the client the opportunity to heal from trauma. We assist young people and their families in developing a sense of safety, processing trauma, resuming growth and development, and creating authentic relationships.


The team works to create connection with the client through building rapport, attunement, acceptance, and empathy. With the help of the horse, our team works with the client to process the trauma and begin to make meaning of past experiences. The therapy team also works with parents or caretakers to increase their understanding of trauma, their understanding of their own feelings and history, as well as compassion for themselves. Helping clients heal from trauma can lead to strengthened family relationships, a strengthened ability to create and maintain friendships, and an enhanced ability to do well in school.

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