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“The moment he started to follow me, I felt like I mattered.”


“When he looked at me, we both took a deep breath and I could feel myself calm down.”


“I had the courage to remember when I stood close to her and felt connected.”


This is what you hear when your office is on a ranch and a horse is your co-therapist.


Spirit Reins, a nonprofit organization founded in 2003, provides equine-assisted, trauma-informed psychotherapy for children and adults across the Central Texas area who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other complex trauma.


We utilize the power of horses and our natural setting in an experiential, client-centered therapeutic approach. Our typical clients have experienced significant trauma in their lives. We especially have a heart for families in the foster care and adoption community.


Our semester- based programming helps clients heal their emotional and relational wounds and develop the executive functioning they need to thrive. At Spirit Reins, Clinical Therapists and Equine Professionals partner with horses to help clients interrupt the generational cycle of trauma.


By experiencing safety, practicing emotional regulation, and learning healthy relationship-building skills, clients create a foundation for lifelong well-being.

Our team is growing, and we are excited about the opportunities!


Please see available positions below:

Clinical Therapist

Ready to do something different?! Get outdoors and see clients face-to-face.  Be part of a dynamic team passionate about helping people heal from trauma.  Feel the freedom and space of walking or sitting with your clients on a 125-acre horse ranch in the hill country.  You don’t have to be a horse expert - we have people who can help utilize what amazing things the horses have to offer.  You can even keep your private practice and come out to the ranch a few days a week to work with clients in an environment that creates incredible growth and healing.

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