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Capacity Community

Make an Impact.

One Month at a Time.

We want to do more! We know that Spirit Reins has incredible potential as an organization--the potential to impact A MILLION lives! To build this kind of capacity, we need a strong, sustaining foundation. We need supporters and advocates we can count on.


We need a Capacity Community!

When you join the Capacity Community, you join a herd of individuals who make a monthly investment in the mission of Spirit Reins. Monthly gifts, large and small, strengthen our organization and sustain our growth.


And the collective impact, when monthly gifts come together, is absolutely transformative! The support of the Capacity Community will empower Spirit Reins to serve more children, individuals and families, create new therapy programs, and design more healing therapy spaces.

Together, we can help children, individuals and families feel safe, loved, and capable of reaching their full potential.

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